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Why Use Our Free Mailer?

Background email sending

You do not need to always have your browser open to complete ongong emails. You may start sending and next Log out and Off your PC. Your emails will keep sending at the background.

Whenever you Log In again on any PC, you will see the email reports progress. Your campaigns are never interrupted

Unlimted volume email

You can send huge email campaigns as you like. The only limitation is your browser's capability.
Browsers <textarea> can not handle more than 6000 lines without hanging.

So open plenty of new composer tabs and send you email campaign in batches of 6000 emails per tab at thesame time

Send emails even without Smtps

While you may send emails through smtp servers.

We have a unique way of using any external web server (or shell) to send emails.

You can also send out emails using your old email providers (eg. yahoo, gmail accounts)

Buy or sell email tools

Toolshop lists Smtps, Shells, Ftp, Proxy, Vps, Rdp, Vpn etc for sell. Thirdparty sellers allowed. And only High quality products are allowed. Refund Policy is favourable to buyers.

Access to multiple third party mailboxes

You have access to read your emails in addition to sending emails.

Inbox rate is higher

We have some unique parameters that confuse spambots. Examples. {{space}}, {{paragraph}}. This way we achieve consistent 100% inbox rating

Check spam score

We help you check your message spam score at a clikc of a simple button. Check before sending emails

Schedule email

Send later. You do not need to keep awake late just to send emails at the perfect time. We have send later date/time option

Parameters for personalization

We make available placeholders to personlize emails for every recipient. Example {{name}}, {{email}}, {{address}}, {{optional1}} etc.

No software to install

Everything is on the web. You do not need to install any software on your PC. And you can resume using any PC available.

Tool checker

Smtp checker, Ftp checker, Shell checker, Vps checker, Proxy checker. etc. Please test & verify every product before purchase

Change email Header

You can change your email headers. Edit headers before you send. Right headers can improve your inbox rate.

Rotate subjects, Url links {{urllink}}

You may use multiple different subjects. Reason is to beat spambots. The mailer rotates subjects and picks one for each recipient.
Url links can be rotated also. See {{urllink}} tag & its textarea.

Html and Plain

We have advanced wysiwyg editor with everything you need. View source, heading, Background & Text colors, Underline, Italics, Emoji, Attachments, Images, Links etc. Mailer also has Plain message support

Convert Message to Pdf

Our HTML editor can convert your nice Html to Pdf. Converted files are automatically added as attachment to your email composer

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